Crisis Management in Business: Finding Resilience?

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Tuesday, 8 November, 2016 - 17:00 to 19:00

Crisis Management in Business: Finding Resilience?


Coventry University


The Techno Centre
Puma Way CV1 2TT
United Kingdom

This event is fully sponsored by ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) and Coventry University.


What this event is about?

Crises can affect the best managed companies, regardless of size, and their future will depend on the effectiveness and ability of their crisis management strategies. A crisis may be caused by many different factors (cash flow shortfall, managers/directors succession, industry collapse, wrong strategies); thus no organisation is immune. This event is aimed at stakeholders’ institutions and any business that has struggled or is still struggling to manage a crisis.

This event creates the opportunity for social science researchers to engage with a non-academic audience by discussing and exchanging knowledge on solutions, recommendations and guidelines for timely crisis management resolution.


Why is the topic relevant? 

In times of crisis, firms must be able to make quick, effective and informed decisions that can positively affect operations and the future of the business. Stakeholders’ organisations (Chambers of Commerce, Local Enterprise Partnership) should engage and support firms especially during crises. However, the techniques and tools for effective crisis management are rarely shared nor adequately applied. This event, a joint platform between stakeholders’ organisations and businesses, aims to raise awareness about the importance of sharing tools and solutions to effectively tackle crisis management.


This event is aimed at:

  • stakeholders’ organisations
  • any business wanting to prepare for effective crisis management.
  • academics looking to widen and share their knowledge base



The Techno Centre,

Puma Way,


West Midlands




The event is free to attend, however places are limited so please book in advance.


Event Organiser

Dr Alessandro Merendino


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