Webinar: Dealing with Difficult People

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Tuesday, 16 February, 2016 - 12:30 to 13:30

Webinar: Dealing with Difficult People


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We all come across people who we would describe as 'difficult' whether aggressive customers and clients or perhaps even colleagues!

In this engaging webinar you'll discover how to go about Dealing with Difficult People and several other top tips that will ensure you are able to positively influence them.

We will look at some of the common mistakes that people make when dealing with difficult people - they’re defined as common because of how easy they are to make. Reactions such as these can exacerbate difficult situations which before you know it could result in more serious incidents.

Speakers: Ken Norman & Mark North  
Date: Tuesday 16 February [Please note the change of date]  
Venue: Your Office  
Time: 12.30-1.30pm  
Cost: Free
Webinar Content
  • Develop specific strategies for conflict resolution
  • Recognise classic profiles of difficult people
  • Pre-empt challenging situations and avoid further escalation  
  • Develop communication skills designed to improve your delivery of bad news
  • Recognise personality types with which you may clash
  • Develop assertive skills and behaviours
  • Handle aggressive behaviour
  • Calm angry, upset and unresponsive individuals

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