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Event Organisers' Tool Kit   

Please Read In Full

The Coventry and Warwickshire Business Festival is now the region’s largest business event, and you are what has made it happen! 


We’ve pulled together these handy tips to help you navigate the minefield of event delivery, brand alignment and to assist in making your event join with all those that are taking place across the festival to show what our region's got on offer.


Please read this page in full as it contains essential information that you will need to know from where to collect branding, brochures and pull-up banners from during the festival, to how to access sales and attendee reports. 


We have even provided a handy guide on suggested tweets, not to mention links to register your place at the opening event on the 11th November. 


You can even send in your presentations and we’ll make them live for the world to see. 


The Business Festival will promote events both in the lead-up and every day during the Festival but with 70 events within this years' programme it's really important that you carry out as much promotional activity around your own events as possible too.

CWBF is the region’s largest business event. It is now attracting national interest - who knows who will be at your event - so let’s show the world what Coventry & Warwickshire has on offer! 


We will also be sending an invitation to the celebratory closing event in the coming weeks, so keep eye out for that. 


If you need anything, what-so-ever, just email or call 024 7601 1447. 

Photos & Videos 

Don't forget to take lots of photos and videos of your events, we would love to see them - you may even get featured in our daily update during the Festival! 

You can also email them to us directly at

Roller Banners.   

To enhance the 'Festival feel' across the region and show off that you’re part of it; across the two weeks there are a huge volume of pop-up banners being provided to place the brand of CWBF far and wide. And as part of the T&C’s you agreed to, we have allocated you two – one of each type!


Collection and return schedule - click on the icon below.


All banners are to be collected and returned to CWLEP Growth Hub, Enterprise Centre, Coventry University Technology Park, Puma Way, Coventry, CV1 2TT at the times allocated on your schedule. Please do ensure that you keep to the days allocated, as this will naturally impact upon other events as there are a limited number of banners.

Presentation Decks.   

The CWBF Presentation deck is to be used at all events where there is Powerpoint or keynote in use. This is a great branding asset and is a major part of providing a ‘festival feel’ when attendees are going from event-to-event. 


There are 3 slides at the start of the presentation deck which we ask you to keep in place along with two at the end, which we also ask you not to remove. 

Official Programme.   

You should will receive at least 100 event programmes during w/c 21st October. If not, don’t panic!


You can pick these up from CWLEP Growth Hub, Enterprise Centre, Coventry University Technology Park, Puma Way, Coventry, CV1 2TT– we’ve got 1000’s!


We ask that you ensure that every place at your event is provided with one brochure and that in the meantime, please distribute any excess far and wide to get the message out about your event and of course CWBF. 

You can also view (and share) the brochure by clicking on it below.

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Over 100 FREE business events

100 Events | 11 Sectors 1000s of Attendees Across the region

Sales Reports.   

With 70 events expected across the #CWBF2019 fortnight there is a huge volume of data to manage - you’ll appreciate that, you’re an event organiser too! Hopefully you’ve been able to access your attendee numbers, but if not, give us a call on 024 7601 1447 and we’ll be delighted to point you in the right direction.  

In response to strong feedback from attendees, the CWBF Board took the decision to limit the information shared until closer to the event itself. 


You can continue to review your daily sales reports which have been converted from our ticketing system into a CSV file and placed into our central dropbox for you to access.

Within the email, you should have received a link to access your attendee list. This report will include all attendees’ names, their contacts details and the number of tickets booked per attendee. Due to GDPR these reports are password protected as they contain personal details.

You will receive a second email that will 

contain the password to your individual event report.  


Should you have any queries at all, then please simply call 024 7601 1447 and one of the team will be pleased to assist. 

Making Presentations Available Online - Past Events.   

Attendees sometimes find it useful to be able to access presentations post event. This simply allows them to relax and absorb your event without taking pages of notes. 


If you want to see you presentations appear on  – please send these directly to with the subject title “CWBF Presentation for [Your Event Here] and we’ll take care of the rest and have it live within 24 hours after your event! 

Feedback & Surveys.   

We received a lot of helpful feedback last year, and have worked to make some changes happen for 2019. To make 2020 even better, we will be collecting feedback from event attendees and hosts throughout the Festival. We kindly ask that at the end of your event you encourage attendees to fill this out. They will be able to do this at anytime from 19th November on the website, and through a link they will be sent after the event.


Shortly after CWBF2019, we will be sending you a very very short feedback form around your experiences of this year’s festival. Your feedback is critical in us making 2020 even better!


We will be sending reminders to all of your attendees the day before they are due to attend. We do this simply as some individuals booked months ago, and we want to be sure that you get your full delegation attending your event.  Please feel free to do the same. 

Your Exclusive Invitations.   

We would be delighted if you could join us at the Official Opening event. Details will be released shortly.

Event Organiser Handbook

CWBF2019 Event Organiser Handbook

We have created a really useful handbook that you can use to help you get the most from your event. It has helpful tips on how to promote your event and what you should be doing in the lead up to the Festival and your event. 

Event promotion is down to you, with over 70 events in the programme we cannot give each event the promotion needed to sell out your event. Please read the Handbook to see all the different ways you can promote your event. 

CWBF2019 Event Organiser Handbook - Promotion.jpg

Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.   

Social media is a powerful tool and in order to get people to your event, we all need to use it! 

Although tickets are really selling well, with a huge programme encompassing over 100 events it's tricky for the Business Festival to highlight every single one. So it's really important that you carry out as much promotion of your own events as possible. We've provided some tips on marketing via LinkedIn and Twitter to help you maximise these channels. 

During the Business Festival itself, there are also some really great events on social media, web, on-line and marketing that might be useful for the future.


  • Signpost your followers to Coventry & Warwickshire Business Festival Business Festival website: to book their tickets, find out about the Festival and get involved

  • Follow our social media channels:​




  • Include #CWBF2019 in your posts to join the conversation.

  • Tag us in your posts – we can then share through our channels.

  • Use the attached images and logos in your social media posts.

  • Share why you support Coventry & Warwickshire Business Festival.


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