Employ a business-ready apprentice in your organisation

The Lloyds Bank AMTC apprenticeship scheme is designed to supply organisations that need skilled manufacturing technicians and future engineers. It is different from other apprenticeship schemes because the AMTC recruits, employs, and trains the apprentice using the latest technology for two years before placing them in your organisation.

You gain a more ‘business-ready’ engineering technician apprentice who has received specialist training with the skills to make an immediate difference in your organisation. You avoid spending time and resources trying to recruit and manage the development of new apprentices in-house. You reduce the risk of hiring people with unknown behaviours who ultimately might not work out.

The 3rd Year Apprentice training consists of the following 6 week block release programme:

Block 1: W/C 24th October 2016

Block 2: W/C 19th December 2016

Block 3: W/C 20th February 2017

Block 4: W/C 24th April 2017

Block 5: W/C 19th June 2017

Block 6: W/C 21st August 2017

The above training will cover topics such as:

  • Problem solving, with detailed complex projects: 
  • CNC advanced jig’s and fixtures courses
  • Automation – electrical cabinet assembly, off-line PLC programming
  • Metrology - visual Measurement machines / GOM scanners, measuring contour and surface finish

In addition to the above training weeks, all apprentices should attend the following 5 MTC Technical Lecturers which are delivered by MTC Senior Research Engineers and our Patrons, covering topics such as advanced machining, Additive Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 on the dates below:

1.18th November 2016

2.13th January 2017

3.24th March 2017

4.19th May 2017

5.21st July 2017


To register your interest or find out more, then please contact our Apprenticeship Team at:

apprentice@the-mtc.org or call 02476 701 518