HS2 Supply Chain opportunity

HS2 is one the most demanding and exciting transport mega-projects in Europe.  There will be thousands of business opportunities available within the HS2 supply chain right across many business sectors.  These will require a wide range of capabilities which are suitable for suppliers of all sizes and required over a number of years. 

HS2 Ltd will only directly procure and manage a relatively small number of high-value major works contracts which will be delivered directly by Tier One contractors. 

Through their own supply chains, these contractors will procure and manage many smaller sub-contractors, engaging a much larger and more diverse range of smaller suppliers. 

Businesses in Coventry & Warwickshire will be among these suppliers. 

It’s important that smaller sub-contact businesses understand the procurement processes and prepare themselves so they’re ready for when these business opportunities materialise. 

That’s where Coventry & Warwickshire Growth Hub can help. 

Along with our neighbouring Growth Hubs in Coventry & Warwickshire, we’re offering a range of direct support to businesses across the entire West Midlands region who want to take advantage of this huge business opportunity, click here for the FAQ sheet on your support opportunities. 

There are many different ways we can help:

  • Publicising supplier opportunities
  • Providing diagnostic tools to help businesses to understands what they need to do 
  • Supporting businesses to get them investment ready
  • Helping them to access new HS2 supplier opportunities
  • Providing them with funding support
  • Helping them to understand Building Information Modelling (BIM) and to be compliant  

In the meantime, register with HS2 to receive supply chain email updates at SCC@hs2.org.uk and also visit www.gov.uk/government/collections/hs2-business to find out about basic information about HS2 business opportunities.

Kick off the process by downloading the HS2 Supplier Guide and FAQs to find out what HS2 Ltd is buying and when, how they are engaging with the supply chain and where you can access these business opportunities. 

These resources also include information on the HS2 culture and what they want from the supply chain, relating to environmental sustainability, health & safety (Supply Chain H&S Standard), equality, diversity and inclusion, BIM (BIM Upskilling Platform), skills and the National College for High Speed Rail.

With the majority of new business opportunities emerging indirectly through the Tier One supply chain, it is worth checking out the Contract Opportunities Table  – a tool which allows businesses to identify your prospective clients. 

We recommend that you register on CompeteFor which acts as a brokerage service, matching buyers and potential suppliers.  Registration is free, quick and simple and once you publish your business profile this will be used to match your business with contract opportunities that you can then apply for. 

All Tier One contractors and sub-contractors are required to advertise all appropriate HS2 subcontract opportunities here so it’s important that you register on this site in order to access these new business opportunities.  

For details on what HS2 Ltd is buying directly, visit The UK Government’s Contracts Finder.  For some direct opportunities HS2 will also be sourcing these directly through existing public sector frameworks, so visit the Crown Commercial Services website to find out how to join an existing framework.