UK Overseas Elite Club offering China Masterclasses for Businesses

UK Overseas Elite Club Ltd was founded with the vision to overcome the cultural barriers between the UK and China, helping both British and Chinese businesses to communicate and cooperate in a more efficient and understanding manner. There is an increasing economic interdependence between China and the UK, both in terms of the volumes and predominant forms of bilateral trade taking place, and the investment flows, which generate jobs and growth. China is changing and new opportunities are emerging in different sectors and different parts of the country. Today’s China, more than ever, needs and wants what the UK has to offer. The UK is also one of the best countries to work and live in.  

Our mission is to ensure the best experience for Chinese business and their workers when they relocate to the UK, and for UK business to have an easy landing when they are going to China for a business trip, we also provide British businesses deep insight into the Chinese business culture so that they can expand their businesses in the enormous and ever-growing Chinese market. With our in-depth knowledge and hands-on experiences of dealing with both British and Chinese businesses, we believe our services can help you to excel in this era of rapid globalization. We are your go-to experts when it comes to doing businesses in China and in the UK.


Products and Services

•    Comprehensive relocation package for employees of Chinese companies moving to the UK, including accommodation and transport arrangement, UK SIM card and setting up a UK bank accounts, all arranged pre- departure for peace of mind. 

•    Pre-departure arrangement for UK business going to China for business trips.

•    Chinese to English and English to Chinese written translation of general business documents

•   Verbal interpretation at business meetings or networking events for both Chinese and British business

   •   ‘Get to know Britain’: one-day workshop of British business culture awareness and business etiquette  

  •    ‘Get to know China’: one-day workshop of Chinese business culture awareness and business etiquette  

Find a sample agenda here and more information on the flyer.

If you are interested in any services, please contact Iris Jiang for more information.


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